Interior Painting North Carolina

Interior Painting near Raleigh NC

Get a fresh new look inside your home. Whether it is one room/wall or every room/wall, we’ll make it look perfect! We will work with you to help pick out which color will work best on each surface. When it comes time to paint, we will carefully move, cover and protect any furniture or things that are in the way. Preparation is the most important step.


Exterior Painting near Raleigh NC

Painting the exterior of your home can completely transform its appearance and make it look better than ever.

We will inspect the exterior of your building and ensure we use the best painting materials for your home. Our team has the experience to paint any size or type of exterior building both safely and effectively.


Exterior Painting
NC Drywall Sheet Rock Repairs

Drywall Repairs near Raleigh NC

Damaged drywall or sheet rock? We will leave you doubting whether there was damage in the first place after our team is done with it!

No matter what kind of hole, crack, nail pop, damage, or repair that you have, we can fix it. We have seen it all and are ready for anything. Whether it is from storm damage, hot water heater in the attic or upstairs tub overflow, or any accidents in the house, don’t worry we can fix it.


Still have popcorn ceiling? We can take care of that. Get rid of this outdated design and make your home feel more modern! It is quite a messy job, however our team at Ladio’s will make sure your home is left as clean as you left it along with protecting your floor, walls and furniture.

We can do one room at a time, or we can transform your entire house in a matter of days. We start by completely encapsulating your room in plastic. We then scrape the texture off of the ceiling, skim all the joints and screws, and make any repairs that are necessary. The next day, we sand the ceiling, take down the plastic, and clean up. You are left with a brand new, slick ceiling that is ready for paint.


Popcorn Ceiling Raleigh
Deck Staining

Thinking of replacing your deck? We can restore it to prime condition for much cheaper! Those wood surfaces on your decks or porches can be scratched, dulled, faded and degrade over time. Ladio’s has the tools and experience to effectively restore wood and other surfaces to their original glory, as well as protect them from degrading again in the near future!


If the surface on your shed, exterior house, deck, or pavement needs to be cleaned thoroughly before being painted, we’ve got you covered. Ladio’s will pressure wash any surfaces that need it before starting the painting process. We can also just clean it in general if that is all you need, which is much needed on exterior floors and surfaces sometimes.


Pressure washing
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